Eight LPWA candidates advance from top-two primary to November ballot

Michael Pickens, LPWA Chair
Michael Pickens
LPWA Chair

Eight Washington state Libertarian Party candidates finished in the top two in the primary elections on Tuesday, and will appear on the general election ballot in November.

Washington has a top-two primary, similar to California, in which all candidates running for a specific seat must face each other in the primary, and the two candidates with the highest vote totals face each other in the general election.

“We (the LPWA and our candidates) have just proven that we can beat the ‘Top-Two’ primary system that nearly destroyed the party years ago,” said state chair Michael Pickens.

“With eight of our 12 state representative candidates making it through the primary to the general election, we are now a serious competitor in Washington state politics,” he said. “However, with only 12 candidates vying for the 98 open WA state rep. seats, we still have much more work to do. Together we can beat the corrupt two-party system and restore our liberties.”

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