Florida Libertarian candidates get on ballot

from the Libertarian Party of Florida:

The Florida qualifying period ended at noon yesterday. For the first time in the history of the Libertarian Party of Florida we will have a candidate for Governor on the ballot as a Libertarian. John Wayne Smith and his running mate, J. J. McCurry will be on the ballot in November. John ran for Governor in 2006 as an npa (no party affiliation). As some of you may know, we also have for the first time a candidate for U. S. Senate listed on the ballot as a Libertarian. Alex Snitker qualified for that office in April. Darrell McCormick, a registered Libertarian, ran for that office as an npa in 2000.

Another first for the LPF is the first ever Libertarian primary in Florida. We have 2 candidates for State House District 33 vying for the privilege of being our standard bearer in November. They are Ellen Paul (no relation to Ron) and Franklin Perez. The primary is August 24th.