Former Republican-turned-Libertarian elected to school board in Illinois

Dave Pfeifer
Dave Pfeifer

Dave Pfeifer, a former Waukegan Township Republican chair who joined the Libertarian Party in 2014, was elected to the Waukegan school board last Tuesday.

Mr. Pfeifer finished second out of nine candidates on the ballot. The top three were elected.

He raised and spent approximately $6,000 on the race.

“This may seem like a large chunk of money to spend on a school board election. However, I believe in spending the right amount of money to get successful results. Spending a lesser sum, and not getting the results, is a waste of money.”

“I had outside assistance from groups that want to see change in our schools. If you read the ‘On the Issues’ section of my website you will see why. Waukegan is in decline due to the school system. We did three mailers, and had a contingent of people canvassing the neighborhoods.”

Mr. Pfeifer has a B.S. in electrical engineering, and has worked as a project electrical engineer at Motorola for almost 22 years.