Gary Johnson and Bill Weld on the ballot in Ohio

ImageLibertarian presidential and vice-presidential candidates Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are on the ballot in Ohio, as the Secretary of State confirmed on August 24 that more than enough petition signatures are valid.

“I want to begin by thanking all of the volunteers who beat the bushes for signatures and then spent long hours pre-validating them,” said Bob Bridges, Chair of the LP Ohio Executive Committee. “The energy, initiative, and just plain hard work they contributed represent the best of what being Libertarian is all about. It goes without saying that those volunteers made it happen for our ticket.”

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Johnson and Weld will appear on the ballot as “independent,” because a restrictive ballot-access law passed by the state legislature in 2013, and machinations from some Ohio Republicans, including Governor John Kasich, caused the Libertarian Party to be decertified there.

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are now on the ballot in 42 states and D.C.

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