Gov. Gary Johnson Polls 4.3% against Obama and Romney

 …finds a new Zogby Poll of likely voters (8/31-9/3)

“A new Zogby poll suggests that Libertarian Party Presidential nominee Gov. Gary Johnson could throw the presidential election to President Obama, with the anti-government candidate taking enough votes from Mitt Romney to give Obama a narrow edge,” writes veteran White House Reporter Keith Koffler.

Here are a few things the new Zogby Poll reveals:

  • 10.1% of Independent Voters plan to cast their ballots for Libertarian Presidential nominee Gov.Gary Johnson
  • 7.5% of Hispanic voters plan to vote for him
  • 7.0% of 18-29 year old voters plan to vote for him
  • 5.9% of 30-49 year old voters plan to vote for him

Look over Question 206 on the last four pages (labeled pages 17-20) in the Zogby Poll’s (JZA Analytics) breakdown of support for the 3 candidates.