Governor Gary Johnson: Bring U.S Troops Home NOW

Statement by Two-Term Governor Gary Johnson, 

Libertarian for President

In 2001, I supported going into Afghanistan to uproot al Qaeda. We succeeded in a matter of months. The Taliban was humbled and al Qaeda scattered to the winds — all within a year.

But rather than leave immediately, the United States stayed — for another 11 long years. We’ve lost too many lives and spent too many hundreds of billions of dollars, trying to build a nation that doesn’t want to be built.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney want to keep troops in Afghanistan until at least 2014. I’m Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for President, and I won’t wait.

As president of the United States, I’ll immediately order our troops home from Afghanistan. We will no longer put American lives in harm’s way or rack up more government debt that we simply cannot afford.

We must bring troops home from around the world NOW.

We must cut military spending dramatically NOW to avoid becoming another Greece – a country that’s awash in debt, unrest, and massive unemployment.

Nearly a quarter-century after the fall of the Berlin Wall, we still maintain nearly 54,000 American troops in Germany, 11,000 in Italy and over 9,000 in Britain. More than 39,000 are still stationed in Japan.

This is all being funded with money we just don’t have.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney want to keep these costly and unnecessary military bases open. Obama wants to spend more money on the military, and Romney wants to buy the Navy more ships.

During my presidency, I will bring many of these troops home and close hundreds of unneeded bases overseas, saving over $1 Trillion within five years.

I will reduce military spending by 43 percent — yet there will be no shortage of American troops, military hardware or military force to defend our country if there’s ever a need.

The United States will still be the preeminent military power in the world — and defense will actually mean defense.

This will reduce hostility towards America and make us safer.

More countries will be willing to import American goods and services – which will create more jobs here at home.

American will be, not just a military power, but also an economic power — with a solvent and strong economy.

Let’s make America the land of Peace and Prosperity.

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