Gregory Bresiger: A Vote for Freedom and Sanity: A very different choice from Clinton and Trump

Gregory Bresiger
Gregory Bresiger


“I’m voting for the Gary Johnson/William Weld libertarian ticket this fall because I want less government—much less—and because I am sick of career pols and wild men who want to run every aspect of my life. Both Johnson and Weld stand for limited government. This is a concept that is so old that, for many Americans who have forgotten or perhaps never learned about their heritage of liberty and de-centralized government, it is now new.

“As the United States government has grown and grown over my lifetime, its blunders have become messier. I’m 63. And, over more than 40 years of voting, I’ve seen the government take more of my money and liberty. But the greatest danger to our liberties, besides the debasing of our currency and the wholesale social engineering of our career politicians, who are perpetually on the make and looking to the next election cycle, has been the tendency of our political elites, both republicans and democrats, to engage in worldsaving.”

“Rolling back the state, ending the worldsaving policies that make countless generations miserable and leaving people alone to find their solutions without political elites imposing what Montesquieu called ‘a dictatorship of virtue,’ these are the reasons why I am voting libertarian and urge you to do so.”

Gregory Bresiger has been a political and business writer for 30 years, writing for The New York Post, Traders Magazine, Financial Advisor Magazine, and others.

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