Help the Libertarian Party Reach Out to 13,000 Ron Paul for President Activists in Tampa, Florida August 24-26

The 3 days before the Republican Presidential Convention begins, over 13,000 Ron Paul Activists Are Showing Up to Celebrate the Mission & Message of Dr. Ron Paul: Liberty!

A weekend of liberty, activism, speakers, music and fun!

As the Ron Paul for President campaign finishes up just two weeks from now, Ron Paul Organizers, Activists and Supporters, working with the Libertarian Party, will sponsor a major celebration in his honor – and for the future of liberty. This will be an amazing event and a great opportunity for the LP.

Libertarian Presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson is fast becoming the obvious choice for president in 2012 for those who have so valiantly supported Ron Paul and who now realize that, barring a miracle, Ron Paul’s 2012 bid for the presidency will soon end.

The Republican Party Establishment stubbornly refuses to give Dr. Paul a speaking slot on the main floor of the GOP convention that begins August 27th in Tampa, Florida. Rather, they want all their focus on handing the Republican nomination to Big Government Mitt Romney and his Big Government running mate, Paul Ryan.

Ron Paul supporters will be looking for a presidential candidate – and a political party – that represents them. Good News: Even IF they chose to stay in the GOP, they can still join the LP and support Libertarian candidates.

Over 13,000 of them will be at the Paul Festival, a weekend extravaganza of liberty activism, music and fun happening right before the GOP convention begins.

The Libertarian Party will be there, and because of the generous donations of our members who want us to play a big part in this event, we will also be a proud sponsor of the Paul Festival this year.

  • Libertarian Presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson will speak  Saturday, August 25th (Prime Time!)
  • Libertarian Party National Chair, Geoffrey Neale will speak Friday August 24th  late afternoon
  • Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Judge Jim Gray will speak Sunday evening, August 26th 
  • Libertarian Party Executive Director Carla Howell will speak  Sunday evening, August 26th (times are subject to change)

Festivities start Friday 1:00 P.M. August 24th and end after the last band plays on Sunday evening, August 26th in Tampa, Florida. The Republican national convention begins the following day on Monday, August 27th. All events are indoors to protect against heat and bad weather.

The national and Florida Libertarian parties (and any other affiliates or members who want to join us) will have a huge presence at this event. We’ll have a big booth, lots of volunteers and key Libertarian speaker will be on the main stage.

In addition, there’s a full line-up of fascinating liberty speakers speaking on a variety of topics Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning and evening. Great bands will perform throughout the weekend. 

4 Ways You Can Make This a Huge Success for the Libertarian Party and for the future of liberty:

1. Come. If you can make it to this exciting event – please do! You can get two $70 weekend passes for the price of just one – or $35 apiece for the whole weekend. Or you can get day passes for two people for just $30– or $15 apiece. Buy your tickets here.

2. Volunteer. If you want to help set up or work the Libertarian Party booth, click here to let us know your availability. You can even come a day or two early to help organizers set up the entire event.

3. Donate. Your donation can fund Libertarian Party fliers, handouts, World’s Small Political Quiz, bumper stickers, and Libertarian Presidential Campaign Promos. Donate today to help us inform, invite, and involve Ron Paul Activists in the LP and our Libertarian campaigns.

4. Spread the word! Tell your libertarian friends and those who are Ron Paul supporters about it and encourage them to come!

Please help us make this a turning point event that will be remembered for years to come by participating in whatever way suits you best.