Hiring Libertarian packaging interns

The Libertarian National Committee is seeking to hire an intern or two for the Fall semester, but preferably someone who can start working right away.

Sales at our web store https://lpstore.org/ have skyrocketed in recent weeks beyond our wildest imaginations, and using existing staff and volunteers to pack and ship the items simply has not been enough to keep up with demand. We’ve actually held off promoting our new Gary Johnson for President shirts because we’re several days behind on packaging. We need help catching up and staying caught up.

We offer items at rock-bottom prices to try to provide the best value we can to our members and donors so that they can efficiently promote the party and our candidates. We’re trying to maximize exposure for Libertarians, not maximize profits.

Job description:

  1. Get lists of orders from our Membership Services Manager.
  2. For each order, assemble an accurate pile of products ordered.
  3. Pack the items carefully in the appropriately sized envelope or box that protects the products while also minimizing shipping costs.
  4. Carry the packaged items up the stairs to the “Gary Johnson* Operations Center” so that postage can be applied and products can be shipped.


  1. Attention to detail–you must be willing to pay attention to detail so that you pick the correct items and package them with care.
  2. Physical demands–we receive brochures in 43 pound boxes. You must be able to carry these 43 pound boxes and boxes of other shipments we receive down the stairs into the basement where you will be assembling orders.
  3. Hard working–a motivated, coordinated, hard worker will complete four times more quality packages per hour than a daydreamer who isn’t really interested, or someone who is constantly checking the phone for emails and Facebook updates. Only people that are interested in working hard should apply. We don’t have enough space to hire a bunch of slow people.


  1. Starting pay is $12.50 per hour. This is a temporary job. No relocation or housing is offered. Living costs in the Alexandria area are very high.
  2. Dress code in the basement is casual but neat. No tank tops or sandals.
  3. People who are not able to work hard consistently will be asked to leave. 
  4. No experience required. We’ll provide complete training. The training is not that hard. Smart people pick up most of what they need to know in a few hours. But, you better know yourself well enough to know that you are capable of working hard and fast and standing up for up to 6 hours per day. You’ll be working with two or three others.
  5. The location is 1444 Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22314.

This is a job that Casey Hansen, Mat Thexton, and I (Wes Benedict), have all been helping with. I don’t want to scare everyone away by making the job sound too hard. It’s not too hard. But I do want to emphasize that we are looking for people willing to focus on the work and get the job done.

If interested, please send an email to intern2016@lp.org that includes your phone number, that explains why you feel qualified for the job, and why you would like the job. Please also describe your past experience with the Libertarian Party. Feel free to attach a resume and cover letter as well, but they are not required. 

Successful interns have gone on to work full time for the Libertarian Party and other organizations
in the liberty movement.

*The Gary Johnson Operations Center is named in honor of Gary Edward Johnson of Austin, Texas (not to be confused with our nominee for President, Gary Johnson). Gary Edward Johnson contributed $25,000 to the Libertarian Party’s building fund.

Click here for more information about sponsoring one of the remaining two rooms at our LP Headquarters building.


Wes Benedict
Executive Director