Indiana GOP county chair steps down to join Libertarians

John Pickerill
John Pickerill

From WTHR-TV in Indiana:

“Montgomery County Republicans will have to look for a new party chairman.

“John Pickerill stepped down from his position Thursday to join the Libertarian Party.

“You have conservatives like myself saying, ‘I don’t see the Republican Party representing me anymore,’ he told a small news conference of some 15 people on June 2.

“‘You have people who feel the Republican Party does not represent them. You are seeing the Democrat Party does not represent them in the Sanders campaign,’ Pickerill concluded.

“The state Libertarian Party chairman, who attended Pickerill’s news conference, put that into perspective.

“‘We believe that the Libertarian Party is actually the adult in the room in this election,’ Joe Hauptmann said.”

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