Johnson and Weld on the ballot in Connecticut and Kentucky

ImageImagePresidential and vice presidential candidates Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are now on the ballot in Connecticut, as the Secretary of State confirmed the validity of their petitions on September 5, according to the Connecticut Mirror.

They will also appear on the ballot in Kentucky, as their petitions were declared valid by the Secretary of State’s office on September 6.

If Governors Johnson and Weld get at least 1% of the vote in Connecticut, the 2020 presidential candidate will be on the ballot without having to petition.

If Johnson and Weld get at least 2% of the vote in the general election in the state, the Kentucky Libertarian Party will have full ballot access for the first time in its history. Only four times has a group met the 2% threshold and become a recognized party in Kentucky, and the last time it happened was in 1996 with the Reform Party.

Governors Johnson and Weld are now on the ballot in 49 states, plus D.C., and remain on track to be on the ballot in all 50 states.

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