Johnson and Weld to appear in Florida on August 17

ImageFrom a press release issued by the Florida LP on August 15:

“On August 17th at 7pm, Libertarian presidential candidate Governor Gary Johnson (New Mexico) and vice presidential candidate Governor Bill Weld (Massachusetts) will open the floor for questions in a town-hall style conference at Florida International University’s Wertheim Performing Arts Center. The event is free and open to the public.  Doors open at 6pm. Seating is limited.

“Earlier in the evening, a private meet and greet will be held for donors to the campaign in an amount of $1,000 or more per person. The meet and greet attendees will have an opportunity to have a photograph with the governors as well as preferred seating during the event. To be part of the donor meet and greet, please contact the Johnson/Weld Florida Campaign Director, Jess Mears,

“Gov. Gary Johnson is currently polling in the lead among young people, according to the latest IBD/TIPP poll. Johnson leads at 35%, Clinton at 30%, and Trump at 12%. Johnson has also started to pull ahead of Trump with Hispanic voters. Depending on where you are in the nation, Johnson is overall polling anywhere from 9 to 15%.

“The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) requires that a candidate must be polling at 15% in at least 5 major national polls to participate in their debates. Johnson is on his way to that while the CPD is already drawing up plans for a third podium. Johnson expects to be on the debate stage with the establishment candidates come September.”