Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal: Why some are turning to Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson

From the Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal in Maine Imageon August 18:

“Watching this year’s presidential election, faced with what Heidi Sawyer called ‘super yucky’ candidates, she started paying attention to Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

“Then she read what Gary Johnson had to say.

“‘It was like he was saying everything in my brain,’ Sawyer said. ‘For me, Johnson represents fiscal conservatism, small government, not wasteful spending.’

“Sawyer, the creator of the popular Lewiston Rocks Facebook page, was intrigued. ‘Things like that perked my interest,’ she said.

“Sawyer said she’s fiscally conservative but socially liberal. She’s not opposed to gay marriage. ‘I don’t care about what people do in their bedrooms,’ she said.

“‘The Libertarian Party isn’t about foreign involvement, fighting wars creating more conflict. I want to make sure we’re not putting our nose where it shouldn’t be.’

“So, Sawyer became a Maine state volunteer coordinator for the Libertarian Party, announcing Wednesday that Johnson and vice presidential candidate Bill Weld are coming to Lewiston on Aug. 26.

“The Libertarian Party presidential candidate will be on the Maine ballot on Nov. 8.”

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