Libertarian anti-prohibition activist Bill Wohlsifer running for AG

LP Florida candidate for attorney general Bill Wohlsifer debates his Republican and Democratic opponents on Bay News 9.Libertarian Party of Florida candidate for attorney general Bill Wohlsifer has worked for years to ease the pain of Floridians who suffer from diseases that can be successfully treated with medical marijuana. He is the author of the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act (2012), a bill that was introduced in the state senate earlier this year.

Bill Wohlsifer is also the first Libertarian candidate for AG in Florida’s history. He had an excellent showing against the Republican and Democrat challenger in a mainstream televised debate.

Wohlsifer has stated that his first act as Florida’s chief legal officer will be to remove cannabis from Schedule I of Florida’s controlled substances list, to Schedules II and III.

His next action will be to withdraw Florida from an EPA lawsuit that favors the fertilizer industry over the will of the people, and then to dismiss all five pending appeals against favorable same-sex marriage court decisions in Florida. That is day one in office.

To increase Florida’s agribusiness, Wohlsifer will remove industrial hemp from Florida’s controlled substances list, as described on his Hemp4water website, which outlines a plan to create a new $10 billion hemp cultivation industry with producer-generated (not taxpayer) revenue earmarked to keep Florida’s waterways clean.

As a longstanding advocate of equality, Wohlsifer reminds every audience that the Libertarian Party has been a proponent of marriage equality since 1972, while it did not become a platform plank of the Democrat Party until 2012. His focus now moves to equality in the Florida workplace.

Wohlsifer recognizes the role of attorney general in prosecuting crime, but differs sharply from his opponents by stating that the primary role of the position is to protect civil liberties. Cronyism and corruption are rampant in Florida. Wohlsifer contends that the best way to overcome Florida’s pattern of corruption is to break the two-party stronghold that perpetuates catering to special interests and quells opportunities for citizen candidates to participate in Florida’s electoral process. He promises to peacefully maintain the sovereignty of Florida by protecting against federal government encroachment through the power of the judiciary.

Wohlsifer will conduct an internal review of the over-militarization of Florida’s civilian police force and will seek clemency for state prisoners serving time for nonviolent, victimless crimes.

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