Libertarian Barbara Howe Running Hard for Governor in NC

Barbara Howe, Libertarian for Governor in North Carolina, is running hard – literally – to get out her message. She has completed 94 separate 5k runs since announcing her candidacy earlier this year and is just six away from her goal.

Libertarian for Presidential, Governor Gary Johnson, joined her for one of her 5k runs and later endorsed her.  If either Johnson or Howe receives 2% or more of the vote in North Carolina, the state LP will retain ballot access through 2016. In 2008, Libertarian Michael Munger proved it was possible when he ran for governor and won 2.85% of the vote.

The Barbara Howe campaign is running ads and videos on Google and Facebook, and she recently co-hosted a local primetime radio show.

This is Howe’s forth statewide race since 1998 when she first ran for governor. She also ran for General Assembly in 2010 and won 22% of the vote.

Barbara Howe is campaigning for a tuition tax credit scholarship program to free parents from the grip of the government school monopoly. She also aims to reduce taxes, eliminate burdensome regulations, end corporate welfare and reduce licensing requirements that stifle entrepreneurship.

Howe would like to see taxes as close to zero percent as feasible but opposes so-called tax incentives. “Creating jobs is not government’s business,” she said. “Getting out of their way is. Tax incentives are really a slap in the face to small business owners who are the true job creators anyway.”

In protest over the passage of the NC marriage amendment that passed earlier this year, Barbara Howe and her husband of 35 years shredded their marriage license in front of the NC Legislative Building last May. “I’ll work to repeal the marriage amendment,” she said. “Constitutions are to limit government, not people.”

Campaign website:
Facebook: howe4governor