Libertarian candidate Moellman at 16% in Kentucky

Ken MoellmanA poll released today by Public Policy Polling showed the 2011 Libertarian candidate for Kentucky Treasurer, Ken Moellman, with 16% of voter support.

Among voters who said they did not vote for John McCain or Barack Obama in 2008, Moellman was in the lead at 37%.

Among voters who described their party affiliation as "independent/other," the race was a dead heat, with Moellman and the Democrat at 26%, and the Republican at 28%.

Among voters who described their race as "other," Moellman came in second place with 28%.

Among voters age 18-29, Moellman and the Republican tied for second place at 20%.

It should be noted that among many of the sub-categories, the sample size was small, so sampling error is likely to be large.