Libertarian candidates calling for downsizing government, more freedom on LP radio show

Libertarians Working for You

Sick of hearing news drenched with Democrats and Republicans’ latest drivel about more bad laws we supposedly need, more taxes, more war, and higher government spending?

Want to hear Libertarian candidates and their plans to downsize big government?

On the new LP radio show “Libertarians Working for You,” candidates have pledged to sponsor legislation to improve American education by eliminating the Department of Education, to improve safety by ending the War on Drugs, and to build the economy and increase jobs by ending federal and state income taxes. We’ve heard from inspiring candidates and elected officials, and they have made one thing clear:

Unlike any political party in American, Libertarians are working for the people to bring them huge benefits that result from cutting Big Government and expanding liberty.

Hear for yourself exactly what cuts to government Libertarian candidates are offering, and how they will improve all of our economic and personal lives.

Listen to “Libertarians Working for You” live every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. ET / 11:00 a.m. PT on the VoiceAmerica network Variety Channel. Or listen to past shows archived here.

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Missed the live shows? Past episodes are available on demand and podcast-ready.

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