Libertarian Candidates Oppose Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Obamacare

Having trouble finding clarity, truth and common sense in the sea of commentary addressing the Supreme Court health care ruling?

Here’s what some Libertarian candidates have to say about it.

Libertarian presidential nominee and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson issued this statement in response to the Supreme Court ruling:

“It has been clear for a while that we need a new President and a new Congress. Now it appears we need a new Supreme Court.

“Whether the Court chooses to call the individual mandate a tax or anything else, allowing it to stand is a truly disturbing decision. The idea that government can require an individual to buy something simply because that individual exists and breathes in America is an incredible blow to the bedrock principles of freedom and liberty. It must be repealed, and Congress needs to get about doing so today.

“There is one thing we know about health care. Government cannot create a system that will reduce costs while increasing access. Only competition and the price transparency that competition will bring can accomplish the imperatives of affordability and availability. Whether it is the President’s plan or the Republican prescription drug benefit, the idea that anyone in Washington can somehow manage one of the most essential and substantial parts of both our quality of life and the economy is, and always has been, fundamentally wrong.

“We can never know how many Americans are out of work today because of the uncertainty the monstrous health care law has caused. The Court has done nothing to remove that burden.

“Nothing about today’s decision changes the basic reality that it is impossible to eliminate deficit spending and remove the smothering consequences of federal debt without dramatically reducing the costs of Medicare and Medicaid. And neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have given the slightest hint of willingness to do so.”

Libertarian Dan Cox for U.S. Senate of Montana, who’s running in a high-profile race that could determine the balance of power in the senate, said:

“Chief Justice John Roberts (a Republican President George Bush appointee) cast the deciding vote that declared Obamacare constitutional.  For years the argument has been that we need to vote Republican, so we can get good Supreme Court justices.  I guess that theory has been blown wide open.  It is a very sad day for America when the Republican majority Supreme Court is openly trying to destroy the Constitution. 

“Don’t worry though Mitt Romney is going to save us?  Really? The father of Romneycare is going to save us?  Did you know that Romney is standing next to campaign signs that say repeal and replace Obamacare?  Is that what we want?  Do we really want to replace Obamacare with Romneycare?  I don’t think so.

“We need to stand together against these unconstitutional Democrats and Republicans. Liberty needs your vote more than ever.”

Libertarian Andrew Ian Dodge for U.S. Senate who’s running in a six-way race in Maine against a Republican and Independent former Maine Governor Angus King (who endorsed Barack Obama) issued this statement:

“The SCOTUS decision to uphold Obamacare deals freedom and individual liberty another hammer blow. It allows the federal government to penalize American citizens via taxation if it disapproves of our behavior and upholds the largest tax hike in recent American history.

“Republicans are as responsible as Democrats for this sad day. Sending yet another republican senator to D.C. will not help matters. And sending already declared Obama yes-men masquerading as independents will not help either.

“There’s only one way to restore freedom: Vote Libertarian!”

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