Libertarian councilman Doug Burlison opposes random search in school

Libertarian Doug Burlison, a city councilman in Springfield, Missouri, writes in an editorial in the Springfield News-Leader:

A little over a week ago, Central High School conducted a lockdown for the purpose of a random drug search. This is the school that a couple of our children attend, and as parents, we wholeheartedly object to the fact that this happened, and that it is a standard policy for the R-12 school district. Our objection is not because we have anything to hide, because our kids do not use drugs. We do not support minors using, possessing or selling drugs, so that is also not the reason for our disapproval.

As citizens, we ardently support the limitations placed on government by our country’s Constitution, and the actions taken at Central High School are in contradiction to that essential document. What was taught to our children that day was that this is what a police state looks like, even here in your own hometown. They were taught that it is perfectly acceptable to be searched and have your property seized, although no one has accused you, individually, of anything.

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