Libertarian Gov. Gary Johnson offers lively alternative to dull debate between Romney and Obama

 Libertarian for President Governor Gary Johnson Will Provide Reactions and Commentary Online


Wednesday, October 3rd at 9 p.m. Eastern Time


The Commission on Presidential Debates so far is refusing to include ultra-qualified Libertarian presidential nominee and 2-Term Governor (NM) Gary Johnson in the presidential debates. Instead, they are granting a monopoly of free prime time TV coverage to the two old party candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.


Predictably, this first presidential debate will be void of substance because it will ignore and dismiss Gov. Johnson’s bold proposals that voters would love to see debated: Balance the budget now. Cut government spending now. Get out of Afghanistan now. End the failed War on Marijuana. Abolish the Federal Reserve.


The good news is you can go online to see Libertarian Governor Gary Johnson’s live commentary and reactions Wednesday night during the debate. The Governor will be live on Google+, and will be tweeting throughout the debate.


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