‘Libertarian governor candidate Sarvis polling at 12.7 percent’ reveals Zogby poll

Usually Libertarians who poll in the early days of a campaign find their poll numbers dropping in late September and October. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with Libertarian Robert Sarvis’ campaign for governor of Virginia.

A Zogby poll of likely Virginia voters conducted from September 27-29 puts Rob Sarvis at 12.7 percent in a three-way race.

Impressive, considering he has been massively outspent by his Democrat and Republican opponents, and was excluded from two post-primary debates.

In the poll, Sarvis polls almost as high as each of his opponents among 18 to 29-year olds, which puts him at 21.6 percent. Republican Ken Cuccinelli garners 23.2 percent and Democrat Terry McAuliffe is at 28.8 percent in this age group.

A Washington Post-Abt SRBI poll published on September 23 put Sarvis at 10 percent in a three-way race against his opponents.

Having cracked the required 10% threshold that debate organizers say is required for participation, he has yet to be invited to the third and final debate at Virginia Tech on Oct. 24.

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