Libertarian Mark Miller endorsed by Houston Chronicle

Mark Miller
Mark Miller

Mark Miller, the Texas Libertarian Party candidate for Railroad Commissioner, was endorsed by the Houston Chronicle, the largest newspaper in Texas and the ninth largest in the nation, on August 6:

“Ask this man [Miller] anything at all about the Railroad Commission of Texas and he’ll give you a straight, smart answer informed not only by decades of working in the industry and teaching petrochemical engineering at the University of Texas, but also by a mastery of the issues facing the energy business and the state body that regulates it. He’s an affable retired oil and gas man with a doctorate from Stanford University who’s so interested in this agency he literally wrote a book on the railroad commission.

“With impressive clarity and authority, Miller offers well-informed opinions on a litany of arcane issues involving the energy industry: why the Texas Legislature needs to resolve the conflict between the owners of surface rights and mineral rights, …why Texas needs to figure out how to plug oil wells left unplugged by companies that go bankrupt. This guy clearly knows what he’s talking about.”

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