Libertarian McDermott for governor could win NY ballot access

Libertarian Michael McDermott for NY GovernorNew York Libertarians are optimistic that governor candidate Michael McDermott will win the 50,000 votes needed this November to secure ballot access for the New York LP for the next four years.

Ballot access would drastically reduce the number of signatures needed to run for U.S. House or the state legislature, opening the door for scores of future Libertarian candidates.

In 2010, LP New York just missed the mark when Libertarian governor candidate, Warren Redlich, came within 1,614 votes of meeting the requirement.

McDermott is running for office to put an end to Common Core, remove regulations that stand in the way of doing business in the state, and repeal New York’s anti-gun “Safe Act” law, which incumbent governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law in 2013.

The campaign just released an ad, “Shot in the Dark,” which can be viewed here.

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