Libertarian Party 2016 presidential candidates

This article was originally published in the Dec. 2015 issue of LP News (pages 6-7).

Below are the statements of seven Libertarian candidates who have declared their intention to seek the LP nomination for president in 2016. Each was given the opportunity to submit a statement of up to 300 words. They have not been edited by LP News.

Marc Allan Feldman

Marc Allan Feldman headshot (photo)

Marc Feldman

I have never been a Democrat or a Republican. I honor the Non-Aggression Principle as a moral and ethical imperative. My central political axiom is the Pro-Empowerment Principle:

“Maximize the power of individuals to control themselves, their property, and their environment, as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others.”

There are 10,000 Libertarians with the political organization to get any candidate on the ballot in all 50 states, but we don’t have the numbers to get them elected.

There are 100 million non-voters who have the numbers to get anyone elected, but don’t have the political organization to get someone who represents them on the ballot.

I want to represent the 100 million non-voters. My campaign is Votes Not For Sale.  I accept no more than five dollars from anybody, so that any person who can donate $5 can be my largest contributor.

We have always been the party for LGBT empowerment. We should also be the party of women’s liberation and Hispanic education, #BlackLivesMatter and environmentalism, the party for all individuals who struggle for the power to control themselves, their property, and their environment, without force or infringing on the rights of others.

The plan is to make changes in fiscal  and tax policy to realign the incentive system of our government, through Balance and Credit.

1. Balance the budget and keep it balanced.

2. Change charitable contributions from deductions to taxable income to 100% dollar for dollar tax credits.  This allows each taxpayer to choose how to cut the federal budget, and what private social safety nets to fund.

This plan dramatically shrinks our Federal Government while building up the private social safety nets so as not to put the vulnerable at risk. It’s time to tell our government, “Don’t worry, we got this.”


Cecil Ince

Rhett Smith headshot

Cecil Ince

I am Cecil Ince, candidate for the Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination. I am a professional film actor, business owner and father. It’s my love and passion for the integrity of the Constitution that has inspired me to run. And it’s time to offer a true Libertarian option.

My history in the LP began in Missouri; in 2000 I started collecting signatures to get Harry Browne on the Ballot. Afterwards, I helped with several Candidate Campaigns and held positions within the local and state party, which lead me to running for office myself.

As President, I will work to Restore Liberty by working to dismantle the mercantile economy, repeal the Federal Reserve Act, abolish the I.R.S., abolish all unconstitutional agencies, close all military bases abroad, bring all troops home, turn Social Security and Medicare over to the States, open U.S. Borders, turn immigration and nationalization over to the U.S. District Courts, reinstate the gold and silver standard, and restore the Federal Government to its constitutional limitations.


Steve Kerbel

Steve Kerbel headshot (photo)

Steve Kerbel

Greetings Fellow Libertarians!

I am pleased and honored to be working with you all to advance the cause of Liberty. The 2016 election will be a pivotal one. This opportunity is unique. Over half of Americans now strongly desire a viable third party option. The Republicans and the Democrats are struggling to identify a potential nominee that they feel would be beneficial to them. The voters are sick of them both.

The question that arises should be, how do we best take advantage of this situation, to move the bar forward in large scale? The answer is simple… First, we stick together to deliver the message.  Each and every group within the Libertarian Party has a voice, and their voices need to be heard. If we all are working with synergy we make a better team, as we are all rowing in the same direction. Second, we need to recognize the need to make the voters understand who we are and what we really stand for. We accomplish this through clear and effective communication, with terms and ideas that are not only just understandable … the terms in which we need to speak are terms that make it clear that everyone in some way is a Libertarian.

If I am the LP nominee for President of the United States in 2016, I will be aggressive, edgy, tireless and creative in growing the party and the associated voter base. I will build the bridge between where we stand today, and where we ultimately need to go to create a result of true liberty for all. The bases are loaded and if you choose to let me bat for us, there is no reason why we will not achieve major party status and beyond in this election.

Yours in Liberty,

Steve Kerbel


Darryl W. Perry

Darryl Perry headshot (photo)

Darryl W. Perry 

Over Memorial Day weekend in Orlando, FL, members of the Libertarian Party will decide not only on a Presidential nominee, but also on the future of the Libertarian Party. The question to be decided, and it will be answered not only by the Presidential nomination, but also by platform amendments: Will the Party actually be the Party of Principle in 2016 and beyond?

The Libertarian Party Platform Preamble states Libertarians seek “a world in which all individuals are sovereign over their own lives and no one is forced to sacrifice his or her values for the benefit of others.” And the Statement of Principles states, “We, the members of the Libertarian Party, challenge the cult of the omnipotent state and defend the rights of the individual.”

However, in the past couple of years I’ve encountered members of the Party who support taxation, regulation, and licensing in the name of “the greater good.” I’ve met Party members who want to restrict human migration, and members who want the military to intervene in conflicts around the globe. This hardly sounds like “challeng[ing] the cult of the omnipotent state and defend[ing] the rights of the individual”!

For too many election cycles the Libertarian Party has nominated Presidential candidates who have claimed they can bring more members to the Party or get a certain vote percentage by delivering a watered down message of liberty. I say, now is the time to try something different. I say, now is the time for the Libertarian Party to again be the Party of Principle. If you believe as I believe, please join me in stating as loudly as possible, and as often as possible: “Libertarians support freedom on every issue, every time!”

In Peace, Freedom, Love & Liberty,

Darryl W. Perry


Derrick Michael Reid, B.S.E.E., J.D.

Derrick Michael Reid headshot (photo)

Derrick Michael Reid

Libertarians, 2016 presents the Libertarian Party with a truly historic opportunity, not seen in the US for over the last 150 years, to capture the White House and save the nation from social anarchy and economic collapse, caused by 110 years of Democrat Party leftist proposing and Republican Party rightist enabling, resulting in national bankruptcy, economic stagnation, social strife, bastardization of our Constitution, and the concentration of totalitarian socialistic fascist political power in DC, suppressing our liberties and freedoms from government. The two major pandering political machines have selfishly locked up the voting booth as two sides of the same coin, by corrupting our federalism, by unconstitutionally mixing social programs with federal responsibilities at the federal level, so as to enhance their political pandering abilities and increase their money elitist campaign contributions, causing wealth transfers from the 99% to the top 1%, income inequalities, destruction of the middle class, destruction of our manufacturing base, enslavement of all Americans as tax mules or state dependents, confused ineffectual government, destruction of our once real honest money, and destruction of our once honest price-discovery markets. The United States titters at the precipice of national ruination. The call is made to all my libertarian friends to unite and stand up together as one, for this noble purpose, to lead the nation and all Americans and all political groups, in Restoring Americana Greatness, Constitution, Republic, Liberties, Freedoms, Prosperity and Peace. Rarely in generations do confluences align offering national salvation by so few freedom lovers as now. Now is our time, our time to rise up and stand united for this noble purpose. Please join me. Now is our time in history to fulfill our destiny and restore our great nation.



Rhett Smith

Rhett Smith headshot

Rhett Smith

First, thank you for your attention to liberty and free thinking.

Second, Let me introduce myself, Rhett Rosenquest Smith, born and raised in Eastland county, Texas.

Third, I apologize to you, the reader, in that, I was not aware of Libertarian initiatives until the past few years.

I have been very alarmed about public policy and global politics since Sept. 11, 2001, and I know, now, that you, also, are alarmed.

Basically, I have taken a pro-peace movement approach, but it has been only marginally effective.

I admire and appreciate the history, which I have learned, about the Libertarian Party in the United States. I have been a candidate for office since 2004, and Libertarian since 2013; I have served local Boards and organizations in Texas:

  • Americans United for Separation of Church and State
  • Interreligious Council of San Antonio
  • American Legion, Alamo Post #2
  • (NAACP) — Education comm. Chairperson
  • National Organization for Women (NOW),
  • Esperanza Peace & Justice Center — San Antonio, Human and Civil Rights Coalition, Non-Discrimination
  • San Antonians for the Peace (Alliance) — (Dept. of PeaceBuilding)
  • San Antonio Coalition for Life/ 40 Days for Life
  • League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)
  • Interfaith Welcome Coalition/ The Interfaith Welcome Coalition (IWC) is a broad network of community organizations, faith networks as well as concerned individuals. We advocate in our local, state, and federal governments to push for the end of family imprisonment.

Finally, I refer to the First Amendment as First Freedom — Thomas Jefferson authored the Virginia Statute on Religious Freedom. Tragically, the two-party political monopoly abandoned the Declaration of Independence, and Constitutional Bill of Rights and, in the Middle East, the Bush/Clinton foreign policy panders to the Islamic States and Sharia law.

You and I face great obstacles and many tasks to improve our world.

First Freedom Now !


Joy Waymire

Joy Waymire headshot

Joy Waymire

It is an honor to seek the Libertarian Nomination for President in 2016.  The Libertarian Party that was built upon Integrity & Principles; which the two dominant parties seem to have lost in the passing of time.  My Integrity & Principles cannot be shaken. I stand strong in my Wisdom, Strength & Confidence to serve the needs of the People.

If elected, I intend to take government out of marriage, medical coverage, etc.; any & all things that are an Individual’s Freedom to chose.  I believe in Non-Intervention in other countries.  A true leader has the capability of being able to set aside their personal differences & with respect; work together on their commonalities for the Common Good of All people. Very few can achieve this for their ego’s get in the way. I do not have an ego to serve, I serve the People, PERIOD!

A divided Nation will NEVER stand strong & I will be working tirelessly to eliminate any & all aspects the government set in place to create more & more divisions. For example; the census truly only needs to know the number of adults & minors in a household; everything else just creates another division.

There is not enough space to touch on all the aspects facing the people.  You can learn more from my website with regards to all the issues. Thanks for the opportunity to serve the people & may the best candidate become the Party’s Nomination no matter whom that maybe.