Libertarian Party: Secretary of Defense is a “no-win job overseeing a no-win U.S. foreign policy”

Libertarian National Committee Political Director Carla Howell asserted on Press TV that recent discussion about the resignation of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel ignores the broader issue, which is that the U.S. military needs to get out and stay out of the Middle East.
“Secretaries of Defense have been turning over about as frequently as employees at McDonald’s,” she said. Whereas taking a job at McDonald’s is an honorable exchange of labor for wages, being Secretaries of Defense, she said, “is a no-win job overseeing a no-win U.S. foreign policy of continual intervention.”

“The Libertarian Party calls for immediately withdrawing our troops from the Middle East and cutting military spending dramatically…

“Cutting the U.S. military by 60 percent does not remove one cent of U.S. military defense spending — only military offense, defense of other countries, and waste.

“Cutting the military by 60 percent will eliminate approximately 70 percent of the federal deficit and stop today’s rapid inflation of the dollar. This will stabilize prices on everyday goods and services and dramatically reduce the risk of an economic collapse. It will create millions of private sector jobs.”

​Listen to the 3-minute​ statement here.