Libertarian Travis Irvine calls out incumbent, releases new video

From Irvine for Congress:

The Irvine for Congress campaign evidently struck a nerve when it released its new web video this week, "The Kiss of Debt," and called out Rep. Pat Tiberi for his hypocrisy in attacking Democrats for the same fiscal irresponsibility he and his Republican colleagues practiced when they controlled Congress. American taxpayers and Travis Irvine know the truth is that while both parties are to blame for the current financial crisis and ever-mounting national debt, Pat Tiberi has only worked to exacerbate the situation.

See it here:

The Tiberi campaign’s response to the Columbus Dispatch included again casting aspersions on Irvine’s aspirations by saying he is “running in the race only to further his film career,” which is in sharp contrast to the fact that Irvine abandoned his promising film career in New York to move back home to Ohio to advocate for his community’s interests by running for Congress.

"Mr. Tiberi’s attack on me for pointing out his shortcomings as a public servant shows he seems to be more concerned with my career ambitions than the well-being of his constituents and the financial health of our government," Irvine said after reading the comments. "My career ambitions are clear: I want Mr. Tiberi’s job. Congressman Tiberi’s Washington made the mess we are in. It’s time for solutions-minded candidates to lead the way out."

Irvine pointed out that while Tiberi talks out of one side of his mouth about reducing the deficit and driving down federal spending, his actions on Capitol Hill tell a completely different story.

"They still haven’t addressed the fact that Rep. Tiberi and a Republican Congress drove up spending and increased the deficit and debt for years before the Democrats took control," Irvine said. "If what we see is what we get with Pat Tiberi, then the worst is yet to come."

One of the campaign’s earlier videos: