Libertarian Votes Result in LP Having Ballot Access in 30 States

The 2012 elections were great for the Libertarian Party’s ballot access because of gains in several states, especially in North Carolina where the value of retaining party status, i.e., the petitioning cost that it will save the LP, is greater than all other gains and losses combined.

Here is an overview of how the LP fared:

  • Retained party status in Alaska, Kansas, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, North Carolina, and Wyoming.
  • Gained party status in DC, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.
  • Lost ballot access in Arkansas, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and North Dakota.
  • Can run a candidate for US Senate in 2016 and the US House 2nd district in Connecticut in 2014 without petitioning
  • Can continue to run statewide candidates in Georgia

The LP now has full ballot access in 30 states and the District of Columbia.