Libertarians in the news

Here is some recent coverage of Libertarians around the U.S.

The Colorado Statesman covers Libertarians and other parties:

The Libertarian Party emerged from its state convention on March 20 with the most candidates it has ever fielded in federal races, according to state party chair David Williams Jr. The party will hold primaries in three races — marking the first time Colorado Libertarians will require multiple primaries.

The Burlington Times-News covers the progress of the North Carolina LP :

THE CHALLENGE, of course, is to have the resources to effectively inform people about what Libertarians believe in. “If they only understood what we are about — fiscal conservatives and for individual rights of the people,” said David Grimm, chairman of the Alamance County Libertarian Party. “People need to understand that they do have a choice — The Libertarian Party.”

The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat covers Pennsylvania Libertarian candidate Demo Agoris:

By now, many voters have heard about Critz and Burns battling for the 12th Congressional District.

But what about Agoris?

That would be Demo Agoris, a Washington County Libertarian who will be the third candidate listed on the May 18 special-election ballot that will determine who fills the unexpired term of the late U.S. Rep. John Murtha.

The Wausau Daily Herald covers medical marijuana in Wisconsin:

"For a Libertarian, is it a sneaky way to legalize marijuana? Well, really, we don’t care," said Jim Maas of Rothschild, who is the the vice chairman of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin. "We think people should control their own bodies."

But Maas also called medical marijuana "an issue of compassion" for people who are in pain.