Libertarians Rubén Corvalán and Lorenzo Gaztañaga interviewed on CNN en Español

Libertarios Rubén Corvalán y Lorenzo Gaztañaga entrevistados en CNN en español

Last week Café CNN, CNN’s morning Spanish language news program, featured interviews of Rubén Corvalán, Libertarian candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Texas and long-time Maryland activist and former candidate, Lorenzo Gaztañaga
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English transcriptions:
Café CNN interview with Rubén Corvalán
Is the Libertarian Party the other option for US voters?
What has happened to make the Libertarian Party suddenly so relevant, and in a position to possibly determine the outcome of this election? 
People right now are very dissatisfied with the choices presented to them – both with Hillary and with Trump – and are looking for another option. When you go to the supermarket, you find more than two choices, and people are now looking for a new opportunity, a new option, that would seem to be rational, and this is the situation that many of us find ourselves in.
What is the difference between the Libertarian Party and the Republicans and Democrats, and I should mention that you stand for “minimum government, maximum freedom?”
Exactly. We are for a much smaller government than this one that regulates every aspect of our lives here. We are in the situation of the frog being slowly boiled to death, who doesn’t notice what is happening because the temperature is going up in such small increments. We are losing our liberty little by little, with more and more laws and more and more bureaucracy piling up. We need to sound an alarm that things are getting out of control.
The increase in support for the Libertarian Party – is it hurting the Republicans or the Democrats more?
That’s very interesting. Originally, I thought that we would take more away from the Republicans, but statistics are showing that we are affecting Hillary’s campaign more. But, we’ll see what happens in the elections.
Let me just remind the listeners that, if Gary Johnson gets 15 percent in the polls, he will be able to participate in the presidential debates. 
Up until now he has been a complete unknown to most people. I was Republican all my life, like Gary Johnson and, like him, I came to realize that there was really no difference between the two parties, and that we needed a third option. Gary Johnson has experience governing. His two terms as Governor of the State of New Mexico were a great success. He is a man of strong character, who has climbed the highest mountains on every continent. He is a candidate who is definitely worth taking a look at.
Tonight at 9 p.m., CNN is hosting what we are calling a Town Hall for people to get to know more about the Libertarian Party. You have 15 seconds.
I’m hoping for the best. I believe that the more Latinos find out about the Libertarian Party, the more —we are libertarian. We don’t want handouts, we want opportunity. The Libertarian Party is all about giving people opportunities, so I think that Latinos will be very glad to listen to us.
Café CNN interview with Lorenzo Gaztañaga
What does the Libertarian Party have to offer to Latinos?
Do you think the town hall helped win votes from those who are not happy with Trump or Clinton, and if so, how?
It helped a great deal. The presentations of the two governors were unique, presenting a vision of a humble government that recognizes that there is no absolute power that can do everything, but that what government should do is open the door, making a way for individuals to be able to move ahead in peace.
Who are Libertarians as a party?
Libertarians are people from all walks of life and every religion – Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists – with a particular interest in individuals and families and a desire to maintain society in peace and harmony. We often see that government abuses – at all levels of government – create more problems, even when well intentioned. They interrupt life, preventing people from starting their own businesses. The Latin American is an enterprising person who is looking for the opportunity to move ahead through his own efforts. When we find ourselves here tied up in constraints similar to those in the country that we left behind, it is very sad. So I think that the Libertarian Party has more to offer than either of the duopoly parties, Republican or Democrat.
The Libertarian slogan is “Minimum government, maximum freedom and responsibility.” How would that work in an eventual president?
You need to look at the Constitution and follow the Constitution. Those of us who have come here and had the good fortune to be able to become citizens of this country have had to study the Constitution. Why? The government seems not to recognize the Constitution, but rather to work alongside it, in front of it or behind it. Yet the Constitution is the foundation of our government. What we are talking about is just following the Constitution. There is nothing strange or unusual about this. It’s what our Founders intended and what attracts people to this country.
Speaking about “strange and unusual,” many find this election very abnormal , others as extremely unusual, and are looking at Trump and Hillary and asking, “Which is the least evil?” In this situation, why should Gary Johnson be President?
The question of which is the lesser of two evils has been around for decades. What we have now is the culmination of the evil of the political system, a system that exists to serve itself and not to serve the people. The Johnson-Weld campaign is dedicated to allowing people to go about their business and live their lives in peace. The purpose of government is to prevent the abuse of individuals by other individuals. Anything beyond that is an abuse of government power and contrary to individual initiative.