LNC chair interview with UncoveredPolitics.com

Nicholas Sarwark - Chair, Libertarian National Committee
Nicholas Sarwark,
LNC Chair

Nicholas Sarwark, the Libertarian National Committee chair, was recently interviewed by Austin Cassidy of UncoveredPolitics.com.

“Every candidate who steps up to give voters a real Libertarian choice is a hero,” Sarwark said. “They are the most important people in this party and should be thanked and honored every chance we get.”

When asked how the LP can better connect with younger voters, Sarwark replied:

“We need to raise the profile of the Libertarian Party. There is a younger generation that doesn’t know what we are all about. They know that they’re not interested in the old parties. They know that they’re worried about employment prospects, government spying, intrusion into their personal lives, and seeing their friends be able to live lives without being told what they can or can’t do by the government. What they don’t know is that the Libertarian Party most closely represents their beliefs and that they’d be so much stronger as Libertarians than as independents. We have to show them.”

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