LP Chair Nicholas Sarwark interviewed on RT TV

Nicholas Sarwark being interviewed on RT TV (color screen shot)Nicholas Sarwark being interviewed on RT TV
about President Obama’s Jan. 12th State of the Union address.

In response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, Nicholas Sarwark’s remarks on RT TV included these points:

“[The U.S. has] a military that spends more than the next eight nations, combined. The problem with that is that we’re sending our troops overseas to die for other countries’ civil wars, and that’s what needs to stop. We’ve spent ourselves into a hole, and just because you are the strongest military in the world doesn’t mean you need to get involved in every conflict around the world.”

“The Libertarian Party wants to bring our troops home and project strength through…things like trade, international diplomacy, or just regular individuals visiting other countries and showing American values without spreading them at the point of a gun.”

“[Obama] talks about criminal justice reform, but his administration continues to perpetrate the War on Drugs, which helps with the destruction of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, supports civil asset forfeiture, and creates this clash between police and the communities they’re supposed to be protecting.”

“Only the Libertarian Party stands for stopping all war, including these wars against our own citizens.”

Watch the interview here.

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