LP Georgia Needs Help with Ballot Access Bill Friday, March 13

Attention Libertarians and supporters of ballot fairness:

If you live, or know anyone living, in Georgia, please help the vitally important effort below to remove impossibly-difficult restrictions on ballot access in the state by calling your congressman or attending Crossover Day on Friday morning, March 13:

Dear Ballot Access Supporters:

Friday, March 13 is an important marker in the battle for ballot access this year.  If you will be in the Atlanta area on Friday, join us at the Capitol for Crossover Day!!  We will be pushing hard to get our ballot access bill out of the Governmental Affairs committee where it has languished most of the session. 

Crossover Day in Georgia is a very important day in the General Assembly as any legislation must pass the chamber in which it starts and “Cross Over” to the other chamber in order to continue on the path to becoming a law. 

In the case of ballot access, we must move House Bill # 58 out of the Governmental Affairs committee to the floor of the House for a full vote and send the bill over to the Senate by Midnight on Friday.  If the ballot access law we have worked so hard for this year is going to have a chance at becoming law in 2015, the House must vote on it by Friday!

Send us an e-mail, reach out through our social media channels or visit the Go Fund Me page and let us know you want to participate with us at the Capitol on Friday. It’s going to be an exciting day!  We will be there from 8AM SHARP until 11AM meeting with members of the Governmental Affairs committee in order to encourage them to move House Bill # 58 to the House for a vote. 

If you can’t be with us at the Capitol, stop by Meehan’s Public House (227 Sandy Springs Place, Atlanta 30328) for lunch between 12-2pm and join us at the live remote broadcast for WGST 640 AM and The Sully Show where I will discuss our ballot access efforts on-air starting at 1:15pm.  For details about the remote broadcast or to listen in on Friday, visit www.640wgst.com

You don’t have to be AT the Capitol to make an impact!  Call the members of the Governmental Affairs committee by Friday and encourage them to move our ballot access bill, HB # 58, to the House for a full vote.  Contact information can be found here.

Thank you so much for your support of ballot access!

Amanda Swafford
2014 US Senate Candidate
Libertarian Party of Georgia