LP Monday Message: 2010 St. Louis Convention Website Live!

January 25, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

The much anticipated 2010 St. Louis Libertarian National Convention website is now live and taking Early Bird registrations!

I hope you’ll visit the registration page and purchase a discounted convention package today. I recommend the Gold Package (probably no surprise there).

Other than Election Day, the Libertarian Party’s National Convention is by far the most exciting Libertarian Party event in the biennial election cycle.

Putting on a national convention in a nice professional hotel is a huge project with significant expenses, and we don’t receive taxpayer subsidies for our conventions (unlike the Democrats and Republicans). That’s right, Democrats and Republicans each got about $16 million of government money for their national conventions in 2008.

We Libertarians pay for our own conventions. It may sound strange, but we usually get to use the big convention halls in the hotels for free. However, it’s only free if enough of you purchase our premium convention packages and rent rooms in the hotel. That’s why I’m encouraging you to go ahead and get the Gold Package, get it early, and reserve a hotel room as well.

Your early registration will help enormously with our planning.

The 2010 Convention Committee, chaired by Admiral Michael C. Colley, along with four additional LNC members, organized and set the policies for this convention.

I attended my first national convention in 2004 in Atlanta. What an exciting event that was! The three top presidential candidates were nearly tied in the beginning. I also attended the 2006 convention in Portland and 2008 convention in Denver. At all three, I purchased Gold Packages because I wanted to support the convention financially, and to get to see all of the best guest speakers.

I hope you’ll consider purchasing a Gold Package or Silver Package today. Please reserve a room in the convention hotel too.

Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

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