LP Monday Message: 680 books, LP News, State Conventions

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Thursday’s note generated orders for more than 680 books — much more than we had planned for! Most bought all four for 30 bucks. We oversold two of the books (our supplier’s out, too), but are substituting to two newer books by the same two authors.

Click here for the order page, with more information on the book substitutions.

LP News, December 2013Based on poll results, our chair, Geoff Neale, has directed staff to start posting LP News issues online without delay. As of Sunday:

  • 48% selected “I’m a dues-paying member, and I’d like to see LP News released online right away.”
  • 28% selected “I’m not a dues-paying member, but I’d like to see LP News released online right away.”

One of the best ways for new activists to get involved locally is to attend your state convention. That’s where you meet other activists and find out what needs to get done. So far, 23 states have scheduled their conventions. Click to find yours. We’ll update the list throughout the year as more states confirm their schedules.

Book offer ends Jan. 31!

Yours in liberty,

Wes Benedict

Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee