LP Monday Message: Cruelest Cuts in Government Spending – the Democrat and Republican Scare Tactic

Dear Friend of Liberty,

When government spending cuts come up in conversation, Big Government Democratic and Republican Politicians break out the scare tactics. They threaten to cut the services that voters care about most. Police and fire protection, schools, and road repairs are some of their tried-and-true favorites.

Big Government Democrats and Republicans try to scare voters into believing that these are the only areas of government that can be cut. “Give us your tax dollars, or granny dies.”

  • Rather than raise the retirement age for government employees from 54 to 67 – the same age you retire with Social Security — they threaten to raise the retirement age for Social Security recipients from 67 to 70.
  • Rather than cancel wasteful and unnecessary government contracts for their Special Interest pals, they threaten to close national parks and ruin the family vacations of thousands of Americans.
  • Rather than cut the budget of the destructive Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they raise the price of life-saving drugs for patients who have grown dependent on government.

The threats and manipulations used by Big Government Democrats and Republicans are cruel and self-serving.

The Libertarian approach to cutting government spending is humane and reasonable.

Libertarians propose cutting the least needed areas of government spending  first such as:

  • Waste, pork, and bureaucracy
  • Failed and unnecessary Big Government Programs
  • Lush government employment packages and benefits.

Libertarians propose rolling back the most-needed services lastafter getting government out of the way so that voluntary solutions can take their place.

That leaves more than enough money to protect our lives, liberty and property.

Vote against Big Government Democratic and Republican Merchants of Fear. Vote Libertarian.

In liberty,

Carla Howell

Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee



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