LP Monday Message: LNC members are on the trail

October 5, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I’ve been serving as the LP’s Executive Director for about ten weeks now. While I do spend some time on visible things like blog postings or writing email broadcasts like this one, I’ve also spent a lot of my time on unseen things like database improvement and fundraising. I think our staff is making good progress in these areas, and I will have specific numbers to report in the near future.

While we do have a small paid staff working for the Libertarian Party full-time, I also want to remind you about some of the volunteer leadership working to benefit our party.

Several members of our Libertarian National Committee (LNC) are promoting libertarianism through speaking engagements, debates, and testifying before committees.

A list of their upcoming activities is posted on our blog.

We have a list of LNC members here, and you can contact them for more information.

To find your own state party’s leadership, locate your state party website in this list.

I hope you’ll take a look, and if there are any events in your area, I hope you’ll have the opportunity to go and check them out!

Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

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