LP Monday Message: New LNC members leading by example

June 7, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

While our recent national convention was a lot of work, I am especially encouraged that well over 500 people attended, when we were only expecting about 400. It was a huge success.

Your new Libertarian National Committee officers and representatives are already hard at work and leading by example.

Mark Hinkle, Chairman

Mark Rutherford, Vice Chairman

  • was a guest last Thursday on Indianapolis’ Abdul in the Morning radio show to discuss his election as Vice Chairman of the national Libertarian Party
  • served seven years as LP Indiana state chairman
  • serves on the board of directors of Advocates for Self Government

Alicia Mattson, Secretary

James Oaksun, Treasurer

  • recently helped restart the Libertarian Party of Maine affiliate and serves as Vice Chairman
  • recently elected Chairman of the Outright Libertarians

The five At-Large Representatives:

Kevin Knedler

  • Chairman of the Ohio LP
  • recruited over 50 Libertarian candidates for the May 4 primary (the LPO lacked ballot access for some years before that and was fielding 5 to 10 independent candidates only)

David Nolan

  • Yes, that Nolan, the one who helped co-found the Libertarian Party in 1971
  • creator of the Nolan Chart which was later adapted into the World’s Smallest Political Quiz
  • 2010 candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Arizona currently held by John McCain

William Redpath

  • LP Chairman, 2006-2010
  • ballot access champion
  • 2010 candidate for U.S. Representative in Virginia
  • has already completed his own petition drive, and spent last weekend collecting petition signatures to get other Virginia candidates onto the ballot

Wayne Allyn Root

  • 2008 Vice Presidential nominee and 2010 runner-up for LNC Chairman
  • author of the book The Conscience of a Libertarian
  • continues to rack up media appearances: was a guest last Friday on The Big Biz Show Today to attack Prop 14. The Big Biz Show airs nationally on CBS Radio, Business Talk Radio Network and American Forces Radio Network.

Mary Ruwart

  • 2008 runner-up for the LP presidential nomination
  • author of the book Healing Our World
  • 2010 candidate for State Comptroller in Texas and scheduled to speak at the Texas LP state convention this coming weekend in Austin

We have an all-star leadership team of proven performers. Those leaders along with the Regional LNC representatives are listed on our website.

Republicans and Democrats have our country mired in wars, debt, and corruption. America needs to hear the principled message of liberty that Libertarian Party leaders and candidates can provide. While I am concerned about the future of America, I am excited about the near-term potential for the Libertarian Party to make a positive difference.


Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

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