LP News back issues now online

Throughout its 41-year history, the Libertarian Party has benefited from the hard work and tireless activism of members throughout the country — people who have invested their time and resources in running candidates to advance liberty at every level of government.

LP News, the national party’s publication of record, has been there to celebrate its victories, accomplishment, strategies, and hopes for much less government, more freedom and peace.

To remember and celebrate the Libertarian Party’s storied history, past issues of LP News are now posted on the LP.org website running back through May 2008. More are on the way.

To read the most recent issue hot off the press, you’ll need to become a dues-paying member of the Libertarian Party. If you’re already a member, you’ve already seen our extensive coverage of the historic 2012 election. If you’re not already a member, what are you waiting for? Sign up as a Libertarian Party member today to stay on top of all the latest Libertarian Party news as soon as it’s published.