LP presidential debate moderated by Penn Jillette to air on The Blaze

Austin Petersen, John McAfee, and Gary Johnson
Austin Petersen, John McAfee, and Gary Johnson

Magician and showman Penn Jillette moderated a debate sponsored by the Libertarian Party ​of Nevada and Out for Liberty (an LGBT caucus of the LP) of three Libertarian presidential candidates, which will air on TheBlaze TV starting Friday, May 20 at 5:00 P.M. ET.  

In a Reason Magazine article, author Brian Doherty said, “A typical Blaze audience of conservatives who might be looking for a non-Trump option would at the very least from this debate become aware these Libertarians don’t look for government solutions to any problem.”

Air times on TheBlaze are:

  • Friday, May 20: 5 P.M. ET & 11 P.M. ET
  • Saturday, May 21:  5 P.M. ET & 11 P.M. ET
  • Sunday, May 22: 8 P.M. ET & 11 P.M. ET

The debate, filmed on May 16, included three Libertarian candidates: former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, cyber security and tech mogul John McAfee, and entrepreneur and media producer Austin Petersen. It was also a fundraiser for Opportunity Village, which provides opportunities and aid for the intellectually disabled.

Celebrities who posed questions for the debaters included Greg Gutfeld, cohost of “The Five” and former host of “Red Eye” on the Fox News Channel; Dee Snider from the band Twisted Sister; Drew Carey from “The Price is Right”; UFC champion fighter Frank Mir; and comics Carrot Top and Jeff Ross.

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