LP statement on rock-bottom approval ratings for lobbyists, Congress

LP Political Director Carla Howell was quoted by Press TV
on Dec. 16, 2013

A Gallup Poll released on Dec. 16 that was conducted a week earlier shows that Americans disapprove of lobbyists and members of Congress the most out of 22 categories of professionals.

In response, LP Political Director Carla Howell made this statement on Press TV:

It is no wonder that Democrats and Republicans in Congress, along with their lobbyists, are viewed so poorly by the American people.

Democrats and Republicans are supposed to represent the people, but they don’t.

They cater to lobbyists who work for powerful special interests which profit from Big Government — on the backs of the American worker: Corporations, government contractors, government unions, lawyers and other cartels, and government bureaucracies.

Democrats and Republicans don’t even seem to care that their approval ratings are in the gutter. So long as they can pass laws to marginalize other political parties and get themselves re-elected, they’re satisfied.

Because another showdown over the budget is coming in January, they’re now anxious to cut a budget deal that raises spending, takes the heat off of both parties, and keeps their special interest masters content.

They did the same thing last January on the New Year’s Day holiday. Congress and President Obama enacted into law a massive tax increase that day.

Now leading Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. House have voted to:

  • add another $60 billion in new federal spending for special interests, including defense contractors;
  • add more to the U.S. government’s $17.2 trillion national debt;
  • eliminate much of their pathetically small, yet celebrated, “sequester” spending cuts;
  • and raise taxes.

Democrats and Republicans want to avoid dealing with heated budget negotiations next fall when many are up for reelection. So they’re trying to pass a two-year — rather than a one-year — budget.

The behavior of today’s Democratic and Republican politicians in Congress is purely self-serving, fiscally irresponsible in the extreme, and heartless.

There’s only one way Americans can stop their politicians from driving our country to ruin: By voting Libertarian.

Voting Libertarian will save the U.S. economy and that of other countries, which would be affected by another economic downturn in the United States.

Voting Libertarian will also promote world peace and harmony.