LPVA governor candidate Robert Sarvis qualifies for ballot

Rob Sarvis
Rob Sarvis,
LP Virginia
Candidate for Governor

Robert Sarvis, gubernatorial candidate for the Libertarian Party of Virginia, qualified for the state ballot this week. His qualification brings the current number of ballot-qualified candidates in Virginia to eight, including seven candidates for the House of Delegates.

“As state chair, I attended all of their nominating conventions and I’m very impressed with this year’s slate of candidates,” said Chuck Moulton, chair of the Virginia LP. He noted that LPVA hasn’t run this many candidates in more than a decade, since the time it fielded 12 candidates in 2001.

Sarvis has emphasized concrete steps to cut government in his campaign, including ending the income tax, the car tax, business and occupational license taxes, and more. He proposes to implement school choice, legalize marijuana, decriminalize harder drugs, reform asset forfeiture laws, and reverse the militarization of police.

Sarvis also released a video this week about the importance of fighting for marriage equality, ending government discrimination against same-sex couples.

The LPVA candidates for House of Delegates are Jonathan Parrish, Patrick Hagerty, Dan Foster, Laura Delhomme, Lindsey Bolton, Anthony Tellez, and Christopher Sullivan. They all represent a Libertarian message of shrinking government and advancing liberty.

“By protecting personal and economic freedom, we can make Virginia the envy of the world, with a growing economy that adds jobs and raises incomes, and a system of laws providing equality and justice for all,” Sarvis wrote on his campaign website. “So let’s buck the two-party system, bring people together, and build a Virginia that’s open-minded and open for business.”

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