Malterer for city council seeks cuts in business permitting, property taxes

Election result update!

On April 9, Michael Malterer came within 59 votes of winning a seat on the New Port Richey City Council. He finished sixth out of seven contestants, with the second through sixth place candidates within 3% points of each other (12.1-15.1% of vote each).

Florida Libertarian PartyOn Tuesday, April 9, voters in New Port Richey, Fla., will head to the polls to fill two city council seats.

Out of the seven candidates who have qualified for a spot on the ballot, the top two vote-getters will be elected. Those interested in shrinking the size of government and putting an end to “business as usual” politics will have a choice they can get excited about on the ballot in the form of Michael Malterer.

Making his first bid for elected office at the age of 24, Malterer hopes to promote a thriving downtown district and said he will work to make the permitting process easier to navigate for business owners seeking to locate in the city.

He would also favor a reduction in property taxes.

“We have high property taxes in the city,” he told the Tampa Bay Times in an interview. “That’s something that definitely deters ownership.”

Malterer and his campaign team have been aggressively canvassing neighborhoods for the last several months, visiting homes and making hundreds of follow-up phone calls to reach voters.

Although the race is for a nonpartisan office, Malterer is making no secret of his Libertarian roots. He has been actively involved with the LP, is endorsed by the state party’s executive committee, and was an active supporter of the Gary Johnson for President campaign.

Malterer is an Operations Manager with Penske Truck Leasing. He and his wife Katelynn are expecting their first child later this year.

To learn more about Michael Malterer’s campaign, visit his website.