“MeetUp” with other LP volunteers

A message from Austin Petersen, LP volunteer coordinator:

In keeping with solidarity:

Hello everyone, Austin Petersen is at your service! I’m hard at work building strong new coalitions across the country for our cause.

Ballot access is coming slowly but surely. I am scouring the internet for volunteers, placing ads, sending emails to Libertarian and Ron Paul meetups in specific states, making promotional videos, and doing the best I can to get people out there petitioning for ballot access. I have been directly emailing college students who are registered as libertarians on Myspace, and have deployed several volunteers using that method. Most of the volunteers I get come in from my direct emails, and randomly from surfing our website. Some have suggested I branch out into Facebook and am looking into that as well.

I recently scheduled an event for next Thursday evening here in D.C. Everyone is welcome. Join the meetup if you haven’t already at: http://libertarian.meetup.com/364/

I am still very low on volunteers for South Dakota, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Anyone who is fired up and ready to defend their principles to the last man, should contact me to throw their hats in the ring, and collect signatures in your state. Or for those who filed their income tax, consider donating your stimulus check we borrowed from China to our ballot access efforts.

Join me: https://www.lp.org/action/volunteer.shtml

In Liberty,

Austin Petersen