National news tracks impact of Libertarian Lucas Overby on Florida special election

Lucas Overby for Congress in FloridaThe impact Libertarian Lucas Overby is having on today’s special election for the 13th congressional seat in Florida is stirring controversy. Roll Call reports that the race between Republican David Jolly and Democrat Alex Sink is a tossup.

Some contend votes for Overby will come out of Jolly’s take. But Overby’s platform includes both fiscally conservative proposals and support for marriage equality. The Washington Post says his campaign is attracting “the type of voters who don’t usually vote.”

A Karl Rove PAC is funding robocalls that carry a message from Sen. Rand Paul urging a vote for Jolly — in striking contrast to Paul’s address at CPAC on March 7, where he proclaimed, “You may think this is about electing Republicans. It’s not. It’s about electing lovers of liberty.”

Republican David Jolly, a former lobbyist, espouses several positions at odds with liberty. He supported military action in Syria and has said he supports raising the federal debt ceiling.

“Analysts are calling this an extremely close race,” said Overby. “The get out the vote for my campaign is extremely important for liberty. I urge people to get out and vote tonight.” Polls close at 7:00 p.m.

Here’s a sampling of today’s coverage: