New Gov’t Gone Wild! brochure & 2 more

Dear Libertarian,

We’re pleased to introduce three new high-quality full-color brochures for you to help promote the Libertarian Party.

New Libertarian Party brochures

1.  We’ve updated our traditional basic introductory brochure, The Libertarian Party.

(Click here for a full-size PDF of The Libertarian Party brochure.)

2.  The new What if it were possible brochure attempts to engage the reader before promoting the Libertarian Party as the solution:

What if it were possible to . . .

  • Cut your taxes in half and get better government services?
  • Generate tens of millions of jobs—at no cost to taxpayers?
  • Have access to prompt, safe, high-quality and easily affordable healthcare?
  • Help people in need in the most loving and effective ways possible?

(Click here for a full-size PDF of What if it were possible brochure.)

3.  The new Government Gone Wild! brochure exposes:

  • Bailouts that reward incompetence!
  • Widespread corruption, lying and criminal acts by government officials!
  • Warrantless spying on citizens!
  • and more!!!!!

(Click here for a full-size PDF of Government Gone Wild! brochure.)

Pennsylvania Libertarians provided the Government Gone Wild! brochure and have distributed over 10,000. We’re now pleased to offer it nationwide!

All three brochures are available at

Pricing is:

  • 1 for $1
  • 10 for $5 (that’s 50 cents each)
  • 100 for $25 (that’s 25 cents each)
  • 1,000 for $130 (that’s only 13 cents each)


Click here to order, or visit:

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