New LP convention speakers — Register Today!

Last November, I traveled and spoke to European Libertarian groups in Moscow and in Madrid. The latest additions to our speaker lineup come from contacts I made during his trip.

Vera Kichanova, Russian Libertarian ActivistVera Kichanova is a libertarian elected official and activist who has been described as one of “Putin’s Unruly Children.” In 2012, she was elected as a municipal deputy in Moscow’s Yuzhnoye Tushino district. In 2013, she received a Democracy Award from the National Endowment for Democracy. While in Washington, D.C., to receive the award, she met with National Security Adviser Susan Rice in the White House. Back in Moscow, she works as a journalist and is a frequent and vocal advocate for liberty who has been detained or arrested many times for her activities. She has become one of the most visible and internationally known faces of the Russian opposition, and has been featured in articles in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Der Spiegel, and more. Vera is 22 years old.

We will also have two speakers from the United Kingdom: Guy Montrose, the current LPUK chair, and Andrew Withers, the past LPUK chair. Both have been elected to public office. In the midst of growing Euro-skepticism, and the splintering and realignment of the traditional UK political parties, the LPUK faces challenges and opportunities distinct from our own; but politics is politics.

Libertarianism is on the rise globally, and these three speakers hope to not only share their perspectives and experiences, but to learn from ours, too.

Other international libertarians have been invited, and we’re hoping that more will be in attendance. We’ll keep you updated.

The 2014 National Convention is getting closer. The deadline for early-bird prices is May 1. So buy now to get the best prices! BTW, Ms. Kichanova will likely be a breakfast speaker.

The cutoff date for booking hotel rooms is very early June, but reserving your room now is definitely recommended, for two reasons: The supply of rooms is not unlimited; and the sooner you reserve, the more time the convention organizers have to arrange for more rooms, if necessary, prior to the cutoff date.

Go to the website for more information. See you in Columbus!


Geoffrey J. Neale - Chair, Libertarian National Committee

Geoffrey J. Neale
Chair, Libertarian National Committee