New York Libertarian calls for sale of Coliseum site

from the New York LP:


WESTBURY — New York Libertarian Party leader Richard Cooper organized Coliseum bond issue opponents with his Stop Nassau Coliseum Funding website, distributing flyers around Nassau County dubbing the proposal as Coliseumscam.

Welcoming their victory, Cooper issued a call for sale of the entire Coliseum site’s 77 acres to the highest bidder, with no requirement that a sports facility be kept there.

"The Libertarian Party calls for the separation of sports and state. The county has no more business running or financing sports team facilities than it does supermarkets. Nassau voters rejected the false notion of stimulus that Obama and Mangano both advocate."

Cooper, a Westbury businessman, notes that if Nassau was a country with a parliamentary system, Mangano would have to resign and a special election held. "We could hold one in November, that would allow more time than they gave us to prepare."