Newsweek on McAfee running for LP nomination

John McAfeeFrom a December 31, 2015 article in Newsweek on John McAfee, who recently declared his bid for the Libertarian nomination for president:

“McAfee preaches open borders for immigrants and calls on the United States to disengage completely from the Middle East.

“‘You would also feel helpless and angry if a drone in the sky that you cannot spot was dropping bombs on your family and friends,’ McAfee says. ‘If we stop interfering in the region, the anger will subside.’

“External threats included, the biggest threat of all to America though was the American government itself, McAfee repeatedly said, sticking to his libertarian beliefs. The TSA, FBI, IRS and even Social Security needed to be either abandoned or drastically reduced and privatized to reduce the debt and get the wheels in Washington turning again.

“But as a longtime computer developer and an inextricable part of the history of the Internet, McAfee felt the strongest over privacy and government surveillance. He believed privacy was the foundation for a sane society, and surveillance would be the erosion that leads the country into chaos and dictatorship.​”​

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