Newsweek: There is a third way and it’s called Libertarianism

ImageJeffrey Tucker had the following opinion piece published in Newsweek on June 4:

“Last weekend I attended an historic event, the nominating convention of the Libertarian Party. (I spoke but was not a delegate and declared no support for any particular candidate.)

“It was a thrilling, raucous, contentius, fun, serious and, ultimately, an ebullient event filled with high drama and intense argument.

“I had keynoted the last convention in 2014, and the difference between that event and this one was palpable.

“What made this one historic where the other was not? The remarkable events of this year within the two major parties have created an unprecedented opportunity. The sense of this was easily discernable. This was not a civic club. This was not a social gathering. This was not a liberty-themed meetup.

“This is a political party. And it matters. The Trump takeover of the GOP, and the entrenched power of the Clinton machine with the Democrats, mean that people who are looking for freedom from power have nowhere within the system to go.

“This opens the possibility that a new and clear voice can be heard within national politics that points the way not toward more government control but toward the cause of human liberty itself.”

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