NY Libertarians submit petitions to get on ballot

from the Libertarian Party of New York:


August 17, 2010


This morning, the Libertarian Party of New York State submitted petitions containing more than 30,000 signatures of voters who want more choices at the ballot box. Such figure represents more than twice the required amount under New York’s election law.

State Chair Mark Axinn commented, "Once again, the Libertarian Party has amassed enough signatures so that voters can chose true freedom-loving candidates this November. Unlike tax-and-spend Democrats and borrow-and-spend Republicans, only the Libertarian Party candidates will actually slow the growth of government in New York."

Statewide petitions include Albany attorney Warren Redlich for Governor and retired Ulster County businessman Alden Link for Lt. Governor. Mr. Redlich commented, "I am honored to be the Libertarian Party nominee for Governor. New Yorkers are ready for our Stop Wasting Money message. Now that we’re on the ballot, we can work on delivering the message to the voters."

Libertarians also nominated Manhattan attorney Carl Person for Attorney General and Glenville accountant John Gaetani for Comptroller. When asked how he differs from his competitors, Mr. Person noted, "We don’t need another prosecutor to become Attorney General. We need an Attorney General who will start enforcing the rights of voters and residents against government intrusion."

The two candidates for U.S. Senate present stark contrasts to the current New York Senators. Libertarians John Clifton and Randy Credico oppose drug prohibition, support the rights of immigrants to emigrate to the United States and believe the best way to support US troops is to bring them home.

Libertarians also submitted petitions for four Congressional and four State Assembly candidates from Staten Island to Syracuse.

Libertarian Party national chairman Mark Hinkle said, "I’m proud to have these New York Libertarians as part of our nationwide group of 22 Libertarians running for U.S. Senate, and 170 running for U.S. House."

The Libertarian Party stands for both personal and economic freedom and minimal government at all levels.


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